Aug 20, 2014

The Fall Radiothon goal was surpassed at 6:15 pm on Friday October 10!  A total of $300,300 was raised during our Fall Drive. 

Thank you KLCC Members!!!

KLCC exists for you and because of you!

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Congrats to our Fall Prize Winners!!

September 4 Cyber Day iPad - 
Andria Martin of Eugene 

September 16 Cyber Day iPad  - 
Ona McFarlane of Newport 

October 1 Cyber Day iPad -
Wyatt Spear of Eugene

October 7  iPad Monday -
Lisa Arkin of Eugene

Pub Package 10/10/14 -
Tom & Kathy Wurtz of Springfield

Thanks for supporting KLCC!

Happy iPad Winners Lisa Arkin, Wyatt Spear and Andria Martin

Pub Package winners Kathy and Tom Wurtz