Tiny House Concept Comes To Veneta

Mar 16, 2016

Tiny houses are recognized as a viable solution to the housing crisis in Oregon. Veneta is the latest community to help get people into homes they can afford.

Opportunity Village is the first micro-housing community in Eugene for people who have been homeless or at risk of being homeless.
Credit Opportunity Village

Dan Bryant, Executive Director of Square One Villages, is advancing the concept that started in Eugene with Opportunity Village. Square One secured a nearly $150 thousand grant from Meyer Memorial Trust to pilot a “toolkit” for communities to establish tiny house villages. Bryant says the model makes sense for singles and couples who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Bryant: “We think it’s just right for this market, for people who can’t afford the rents today and would love to live at a place that’s only $300 a month and it’s decent, it’s safe and you’ve got your own place.”
Bryant says the houses for Veneta and a project in the works in Eugene are permanent dwellings ranging from 120 to 280 square feet. They include bathrooms and micro-kitchens. A site has not yet been selected for the Veneta project which would house 10 to 20 people.