Tree Debris To Take Weeks To Clear

Feb 11, 2014

With ice and snow melting, Eugene Public Works has converted its plows to dump trucks. Crews are busy responding to hundreds of reports of trees and branches on local streets.

Eric Jones is with Eugene Public Works. He says their first priority is to clear roads of debris, which he hopes will be done by Wednesday.

Credit Karen Richards

Jones: "And then, eventually, we will come through and clean things up nice and tidy, even finish by sweeping, but that's probably a week or more out."

Jones says after the streets are opened, it may take more time to clear the mess from public parks and bikeways. In the meantime, any wood on public property is free for the taking:

Jones: "Conversely, on private property, you can't put your downed wood out in the street."

Property owners need to haul their own debris, call a tree service, or fill their yard waste containers.

There may be additional damage the next time the wind picks up, as weakened trees let go of dangling branches. Jones says, pay attention to what's overhead.