U Of O Hosts Big Data Forum

Aug 7, 2014

The big data conversation comes to Eugene this weekend. The U of O is hosting a “Big Opportunities with Big Data” meeting Friday.

Credit U of O News

According to the International Data Corporation, this year, the world will store over two zettabytes of data, or the equivalent of 36 million years of HD video. If those numbers are hard to comprehend, that’s the point. It’s hard for traditional analytical methods to deal with. Andy Berglund is Dean of U of O’s grad school. He’s been giving a lot of incoming freshmen the same advice:

Berglund: “Learn how to program. You know, no matter what field you’re going into, having the ability to write code and to manipulate data is going to be important.”

The forum is focusing on social media and medical information among other topics. It’s funded by Oregon’s Engineering and Technology Industry Council, or ETIC. The council works with universities to make sure students graduate with skills that are in demand in the state. Berglund sees collaboration with ETIC as a benefit for both groups:

Berglund: “We’re considering starting programs in other fields to match the needs of industry, and to be at the cutting edge of training students to go into these positions.”

He says it’s also a great way to develop partnerships between companies and schools.

“Big Opportunities with Big Data” takes place Friday at the University of Oregon. It’s free, however attendance is full.