UO Board Raises Tuition By 10.6 Percent

Mar 2, 2017

The University of Oregon Board Of Trustees Thursday voted to raise tuition by more than 10 percent for in state students. Out of state students will face a 3 percent increase.

University of Oregon President Michael Schill says given the rising costs of salaries, retirement, health care and other things, the school faces a $25 million shortfall. 80 percent of the U of O’s budget comes from tuition.
Many students urged the board to find another way to balance the budget. Carolyn Ruiz is a scholarship student.
Ruiz: “You guys need to realize that a lot of doors are closing for students, not just students who are trying, are just leaving high school, but students who are already in the university and in college and are seeing more and more doors are closing. What are they going to do?”
The state’s investment in higher education is among the lowest in the country. The governor’s budget keeps higher ed funding flat, which is in effect a reduction. If the state allocates more money, the U of O will reduce resident tuition before fall term begins.