UO Considers 10% Tuition Hike

Feb 14, 2017

The University of Oregon may raise in-state tuition by more than 10% next year if the state doesn’t increase its higher ed budget. Under the proposal, out-of-state tuition would go up 3%.

Credit Jes Burns

UO President Michael Schill accepted recommendations from the Tuition and Fee advisory board. It called for a boost in tuition of $21 per credit hour – $945 per year for in-state and out of state undergrads.  UO Spokesman Tobin Klinger says the University needs to raise tuition because the state continues to dis-invest in higher education.
Tobin Klinger: “This year, the Governor’s proposed budget held higher-ed flat which is in essence a cut because of significantly increasing cost drivers.”
Klinger says that includes the Public Employees Retirement System, health care and contractual pay obligations amounting to about $25 million. President Schill is taking public comment on the proposal through Friday. He’ll present the tuition hikes to the Board of Trustees at its next meeting March 2nd and 3rd.

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