Washington's Mid-Term Elections Draw In More Than Nearly $33M So Far

Jul 17, 2014

Washington’s August primary is less than a month away -- August 5. It’s a mid-term election year with no statewide offices on the ballot. Even so, already nearly $33 million have been contributed to campaigns.

Individuals are the biggest category of donors. Deep-pocketed individuals. Like venture capitalist Nick Hanauer. He’s written several five and six-figure checks to the campaign to expand background checks for gun sales.

Other wealthy donors have contributed large sums to party-based legislative campaign committees. Overall, more than $11 million has been raised for Washington’s legislative campaigns. All Washington House members are up this year and control of the Washington Senate is in fierce play.

At this point, the 2014 contributions split evenly along party lines. Businesses are the second biggest contributor by dollar amount behind individuals. They are followed by political action committees and unions.

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