Where We Live (Includes Answer)

Dec 16, 2013

In the next minute, you'll hear from some people who are visiting a place in the KLCC listening area. See if you can tell where they are.

Mark and Sarah, we're from Bend. Throwing the Frisbee, walking the dog. Letting him enjoy the sunshine and walking on the rocks.

Credit Oregon Coast Travel

My name is Lori Newman and I'm from Vancouver, Washington. Going down to the town and getting some coffee and trying to keep the wind at bay.

Mark and Tamara, we're from West Linn. Walking this trail. We love this trail. We love looking at the rocks and the water. It's just very humbling.

Sally Norman. We’re staying out here now, but we’re actually from Eugene. We walk quite a bit, fly kites, read a lot.

I'm Lori from Eugene. I'm writing. She's beading. Another one's taking photographs. Another's doing artwork. And then eating. Really well.

Answer: The Oregon Coast (specifically, Yachats).