Whoville Won't Have To Move After 30-day Reprieve Is Over

Feb 24, 2014

Eugene City Councilor Claire Syrett.
Credit City of Eugene.

The Eugene City Council plans to extend its sunset date for a program that allows homeless people to camp in designated 'rest-stops'. This means Whoville residents have more time at their camp near downtown.

The city has established one "Rest Stop" -- a place for homeless people to camp temporarily. They're preparing to open another one and City Manager John Ruiz is looking for a third site. The hope is that the 30 or so residents of Whoville will move to another location, once it's available. Eugene City Councilor Claire Syrett says the City Manager is charged with finding that alternative.

Syrett: "Though if we found some other situation, whether it be a private property or church group or some other place that was willing to extend an invitation to the folks at Whoville, it may not end up being technically a 'rest stop'."

In late January the city gave Whoville a 30-day reprieve after indicating it was shutting the camp down. But since the city is still looking for that alternative site, the deadline is not rock solid. Councilor Syrett expects Eugene's "rest stop" pilot program will be extended through October 2014 to give it time to show if it works.