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The EPA has awarded half a million dollars to a coalition representing Eugene-Springfield and Lane County, for possible clean-up of former or potential business sites.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

The Plane That Won A War And Polluted A River

Sep 28, 2015

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.

People around the Northwest contributed to the war effort - thousands of them by building planes in Seattle.


Thousands of students in Washington and Oregon go to school in what are known as “portable classrooms”.

These temporary structures were a quick solution to the problem of growing population and lack of funding for school facilities in parts of the Northwest.

But many of these “temporary” structures are still around. They’re not environmentally friendly or healthy places for students to learn.

From the outside, Billie Lane’s classroom looks like a trailer home, standing in the parking lot behind the Kalles Jr. High school in Puyallup.

Cascade Sierra Solutions To End Operations

Mar 21, 2014

Cascade Sierra Solutions, a non-profit that developed clean air technology in trucks, is closing following a series of financial difficulties.

Cascade Sierra Solutions formed in 2006 and says it has saved truckers more than 67 million gallons of diesel fuel since. In 2009 the Environmental awarded the non-profit a $9 million dollar grant. Following an audit the EPA found the grant was misused and the company found itself unable to sustain operations. Loren Scott is CSS’s legal counsel. He says the non-profit’s board of directors is concerned about responsibly shutting down.