Eugene airport

Eugene Airport

About 33-thousand travelers are expected to go through the Eugene Airport during the holiday period. Cathryn Stevens, Assistant Airport Director, says upcoming peak travel days are Friday December 26th and Sunday December 28th. She says to arrive 2 hours ahead of time on those days.

United Airline flights Monday and Tuesday from Eugene to San Francisco were canceled due to weather conditions in the bay area. KLCC's Claude Offenbacher spoke about it with the Airport's Assistant Director Cathryn Stephens.

Stephens said the configuration of the San Francisco airport means rain as well as fog can wreak havoc. They cause incoming delays. These backups then lead to cancellations.

Stephens:  "So they start having weather down there, and they start having to slow down their arrivals and their departures, their capacity goes way down."

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The Eugene Airport anticipates thousands of passengers now through the Thanksgiving weekend.

With all the traffic, airport officials suggest travelers check-in online to avoid lines at the desk. They can also check the airport website in advance to make sure their flights are on schedule.

Airport services manager Casey Boatman says travelers tend to expect the usual short lines, but this time of year, that’s not the case.

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The Eugene Airport is expanding. Construction starts this week but officials say it won’t impact customers.

The renovation is expected to be completed in early 2017. Airport Director Tim Doll says passenger numbers are up nearly 20 percent over four years. He hopes the changes will relieve some congestion inside the terminal:

Doll: “The security checkpoint is a choke point for traffic right now. You can come in here at peak times and see the line going clear down past our rental car agencies down to our baggage claim area.”

Frontier Airlines announced Tuesday it will stop serving the Eugene Airport by the end of November. The carrier has been offering seasonal flights to and from its Denver hub.

Frontier Airlines came to Eugene less than two years ago. They didn't offer flights year-round, but seasonally. Airport officials say Frontier was recently sold and is now focusing on bigger markets. Assistant Eugene Airport Director Cathryn Stephens.

Eugene Airport

The federal government is sending $7.4-million to the Eugene Airport to help expand the terminal and make the security checkpoints more efficient. The Eugene Airport has experienced three record passenger years in a row and is on track for a fourth record year. Work on the terminal is expected to begin this fall and last for two years.

The 19,000 square foot expansion includes relocating and expanding the passenger security screening checkpoint; replacing the current baggage claim carousel and adding a second one; and the addition of two rental car-airport shuttle counters.  

Eugene Airport Expecting Long Lines

Nov 27, 2013

Sunday is expected to be one of the busiest ever for travelers through the Eugene Airport. Wednesday, the airport experienced a five hundred passenger bump over a normal day.

On Wednesday, the airport saw security lines stretching to baggage claim and back. Airport Security Manager Kaitlin Hunter says passengers need to plan ahead.

Eugene Flights Uninterrupted By LAX Shooting

Nov 1, 2013
Eugene Airport

At this point, flights in and out of Eugene have not been affected by the shootings at Los Angeles International Airport. Cathryn Stephens is with the Eugene Airport. She recommends travelers check with their airlines for current information. They can also look at the airport's home page:

Stephens: "On our website we have a live stream of our flights from the FAA. And you can go in and take a look and see if your flight is on time, delayed, or canceled."