The Jazz Station

Saxophonist Idit Shner's Musical Short Stories

Oct 25, 2017
Photo by Eric Alan

Saxophonist Idit Shner has made her mark in both the jazz and classical worlds, and finds inspiration from literature in the form of her new release 9 Short Stories, upon which she’s joined by a Texas jazz trio. Idit Shner will perform twice in Eugene, first as part of the Broadway House Concerts series on October 28th, honoring Duke Ellington’s saxophonist Johnny Hodges, and in a CD release show at the Jazz Station on November 4th. 

  Live music, abstract art and improvisational dance will merge into one art form at the Jazz Station in Eugene on Thursday, November 10th. “Sound In-Sight” will feature Torrey Newhart’s Obsidian Animals performing while Bob Newhart paints alongside dancers and a poet. Eric Alan speaks with Torrey Newhart about the impact of live multi-media collaboration.  

The Arielle Deem Band Performs Live at KLCC

Jun 10, 2015
Photo by Eric Alan

The Arielle Deem Band blends elements of alternative jazz with soul and blues and popular song forms. They’re based in Los Angeles, but are out touring the Pacific Northwest behind their debut release No Place Like Now. They’ll bring their “Northern Soul Tour” to the Jazz Station in Eugene this evening, June 10th, and after successfully making their way down from Seattle, they’re joined us in the KLCC studios for songs and conversation.

Toni Lincoln and Tom Grant at KLCC

Nov 7, 2014
Photo by Eric Alan

Jazz vocalist Toni Lincoln has just released her self-titled debut CD, more than five decades after she began to sing as a child. Her recorded debut features a number of fine Pacific Northwest players, including pianist Tom Grant, who is a part of Toni Lincoln’s band and produced the album. Before appearing at the Jazz Station in Eugene on Friday, November 7th. Toni Lincoln and Tom Grant visited the KLCC studios to share songs from the CD, and Toni's story of emergence.

Bending Genres with Jacqui Naylor

Oct 17, 2014
Photo by Oliver Heinemann

Jacqui Naylor has carved an individual vocal niche with a style that draws deeply from jazz, but also reaches far beyond it. Her most recent CD, Dead Divas Society, pays tribute to departed female vocalists from Ella Fitzgerald to Amy Winehouse and Mama Cass. She’s also created a unique artform in her “acoustic smashers” by combining the lyrics and melody from one song with the groove of another. She’s appearing in trio at the Jazz Station in Eugene on Saturday, October 18th and she joins Eric Alan for conversation and music.

Halie Loren Live at KLCC

Dec 19, 2013
Photo by Eric Alan

Halie Loren and her band perform two holiday concerts at The Jazz Station in Eugene, on Friday, December 20th. She’s been out touring behind her new release Simply Love, which quickly reached number one on the Billboard Jazz Charts in Japan, as well as reaching high in the national radio charts in Canada and the U.S. She joined us live in the KLCC studios, along with Matt Treder on the keyboards and Mark Schneider on the bass.