Joy Kills Sorrow

Eugene House Concert
3:41 pm
Tue March 11, 2014

Wes Corbett and Jacob Jolliff Live at KLCC

Jacob Jolliff (left, on mandolin) and Wes Corbett (right, on banjo) perform live in the KLCC studios.
Credit Photo by Eric Alan

Wes Corbett and Jacob Jolliff have been playing together for a decade on banjo and mandolin, respectively, most recently in the Boston string band Joy Kills Sorrow . Jacob Joliff also won the National Mandolin Championship in 2012. Wes Corbett teaches banjo at Berklee College of Music, where Jacob was the first full-scholarship mandolin student. They stopped by the KLCC studios to perform a few songs before presenting a duo show at a house concert in Eugene.

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