live music

Rita Hosking and Sean Feder on the Saturday Cafe

Mar 29, 2015

  Rita Hosking's upcoming CD is a concept album inspired by a series of drawings she did. She talks about her journey to write the hero's journey, introduces her alter ego, "Rhonda Hosking and the Original Sinners," and unveils an unexpected tribute on the final Saturday Cafe.

Susan McKeown and Kyle Sanna on the Saturday Cafe

Feb 22, 2015

Susan McKeown has recently returned to her native Dublin, but decades living in New York have informed her music and songwriting. She is performing with Kyle Sanna in Eugene February 21 and Newberg February 22.


The Gloria Darlings and the Gin Jars

Nov 16, 2013

Touring south for the winter, the Gloria Darlings swing by the Saturday Cafe, and show how, with the change of one musician (and their entire repertoire) they magically become the Gin Jars.