James Garcia

Story Catchers continues to honor Lane Community College's 50th Anniversary with words from James Garcia, the Chicano/Latino Program Coordinator at LCC.  James shares his experience as a Mexican American, and an instructor of Chicano/Latino Leadership classes with Marsha Barr from Story Catchers.

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Storycatchers: James Florendo, LCC Longhouse

Oct 16, 2014

Now for another Story Catchers segment. Honoring Lane Community College’s 50th Anniversary, we're featuring an interview with James Florendo; faculty member, coordinator of Native American Programs, and steward of the Longhouse at LCC.

He begins with the founding of the longhouse, and the foundations of the programs serving a culturally diverse community at Lane.
James Florendo, a member of the Wasco nation, one of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs talked with Marsha Barr from Story Catchers.

Storycatchers: Artist Shares Her Vision

Sep 18, 2014
Kari Johnson

Eugene residents may be familiar with Kari Johnson's art without knowing who she is. She's created many high-profile murals, including one at 4th and Monroe in the Whiteaker neighborhood. Johnson came to the United States at age 10 after having lived in Africa, Korea, and Malasia. She spoke with her friend David Landazuri.

Storycatchers: Remembering Mother Kali's Bookstore

Aug 21, 2014
Lorraine Ironplow

And now for another Storycatchers interview: Lorraine Ironplow and her partner Kylene Folsom, pay tribute to Mother Kali's , a feminist bookstore that impacted the lives of many people throughout its thirty-three year history in Eugene.

Storycatchers: Queen Marie Slugtoinette

Jul 24, 2014
Connie Van Flandern

The slug queen pageant has been a Eugene tradition since 1983, but the office of slug queen hasn't always been so involved in the community.

Connie Van Flandern or Queen Marie Slug-toinette sat down with her friend Mitra  Chester to talk about Connie's role in shaping the meaning of being slug queen.

Storycatchers: Going Beyond Toxics

Jun 26, 2014
Lisa Arkin

Mary O’Brien, founder of Beyond Toxics, and Lisa Arkin, the Executive Director, reminisce about their work in the anti-toxics movement and particularly how Eugene’s Toxics Right-to-Know Act came to be. Mary begins by recalling how Lisa got involved in the movement…

Working for Social Justice in Eugene

May 15, 2014
Mark Harris

Mark Harris is an addictions counselor and educator at LCC. He sat down
with his parents, Myra and Dr. Hiawatha Harris, to talk about their
family history and their hopes for social justice in Eugene.

Edited by Evelyn Thorne.

Next Step Founder Speaks of Struggles and Success

Apr 17, 2014
Next Step Recycling

Lorraine Kerwood is founder of Next Step Recycling, a Eugene-based organization that recycles electronics and provides technology and training to community members. For her Story Catchers interview, she spoke of her struggles with disability and Asperger's syndrome and the help she's received to become who she is today.

Edited by Evelyn Thorne.


Patricia Cortez is founder of Juventud Faceta, a program developed with the Amigo Multicultural Services Center to train Latino youth to be leaders and human rights advocates. She sat down with one the youth members to discuss how Juventud Faceta has affected their lives. The young man asked to remain anonymous.

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Edited by Evelyn Thorne.

Veteran Tells Of His Struggles With Homelessness

Feb 20, 2014

Roger Coffee is a Vietnam veteran and Occupy protester who's lived on the streets of Eugene. Fellow Occupy member Karen Moore talked with him about his struggles as a veteran and the help he's received. Roger now lives in a Conestoga Hut through CALC (Community Alliance of Lane County). To hear more stories from our community or to record your own got to  Edited by Evelyn Thorne

Working on the Railroad

Jan 16, 2014

Alan Murphy is a longtime Eugene resident who worked with Southern
Pacific Railroad for 38 years. Story Catchers co-founder Marsha Barr
talked to Alan about his experiences on the railroad and how things have

Edited by Evelyn Thorne.


Storycatchers helps local folks share stories and preserve memories from the Eugene community. Virginia Hendrickson has lived in Eugene since 1915 and became a respected journalist at the Register-Guard. Her long time neighbor, Janet Heinonen, sat down with Virginia to capture her story. Edited by Evelyn Thorne.
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